Discuss April's dilemma between "downright disobedient and deadly dangerous." What would you do in her place?

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It's chapter 9 of The Egypt Game, and the kids are getting ready to celebrate Halloween. To April, this seems like a great opportunity for the gang to slip away and pay a visit to "Egypt" while everyone else is out trick-or-treating. April thinks it would be good, spooky fun for the gang to shine their flashlights and jack o' lanterns on the storage yard, creating a creepy half-light effect that would conjure up the perfect atmosphere for a night-time ceremony.

At first, Melanie thinks this is a great idea; in fact, it's the most exciting idea she's ever heard. But later on, doubts start to creep in. Although the Professor may not be the neighborhood psycho killer, the real murderer could still be lurking out there on the streets. Going to the Professor's storage yard, even if it's only for a few minutes, might be deadly dangerous as well as downright disobedient.

But, as April has already pointed out, there's no real disobedience involved in going to the storage yard. No one has expressly forbidden the kids from going there. Technically speaking, they'll be breaking the rules by sneaking off from Mr. Barkley's and Mr. Kamata's trick-or-treat group under cover of darkness. But if all goes according to plan, they won't be missed. As for deadly danger, well, there are lots of people out and about on Halloween, so it's unlikely that the local neighborhood psychopath will check in any time soon.

Halloween night presents an opportunity too good to miss for the Egypt gang to perform a creepily unforgettable ceremony. All things considered, it's neither downright disobedient nor deadly dangerous, and so if I were in April's position, I'd probably go right ahead. (Though I wouldn't wear the same costume.)

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