Discuss any stylistic features in the play I Will Marry When I Want.

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One of the most notable features in I Will Marry When I Want is that the play is written in verse. In addition, it extensively employs songs and dances, and it features a chorus. Several of the songs express dominant themes in the play and are sung by particular characters. For example, Kamande, an unemployed former factory guard, sings the title song as he walks drunkenly through the streets. The chorus members take on different roles at different times. In one instance, they enact the group of disgruntled workers who are forming a haraambe, or public fundraiser, with one member serving as a soloist.

The protagonist, Kïgüünda, is a veteran of the Mau Mau resistance. He enacts his nostalgia for those days through song and dance, harking back to the glory days by performing Mücüngw’a, one of the resistance anthems. Dancers join him onstage to perform the dance as he sees it in his memory and to sing in response to him. In another instance, actors come onstage in a procession, singing freedom songs.

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