Discuss any specific gadget or device that applies the concept of friction in its operation.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The tires used in all automobiles rely on friction between the road and the tires to allow the driver of the automobile to make turns and stop the vehicle.

Tires are specially manufactured with raised ridges and treads to ensure there is adequate friction between the tires and the surface the automobile is moving on, which is the road. Additional additives are also added to the rubber to increase the friction. These measures ensure that the driver always has the automobile under control and can steer and stop it easily. Once the tread on tires wears down it becomes difficult to control the vehicle, therefore they should be changed regularly based on the usage.

krishna-agrawala | Student

There are almost infinite different application of friction in common as well as highly sophisticated devices we use. For example, when we strike a match to light we are using the friction to create the heat required to light the match. While friction allows the tires of a car to push it forward without slipping, the friction in the brake drum of a car enables us to bring the car to a stop by applying breaks.

When we wind a rope round a peg or a pole so that the a load attached to the rope will not slip under the force of the load we are using friction. As a matter of fact all types of knots in ropes are able to hold because of friction.

We often use rough surfaces when people have to walk over a sloped grounds, or where the floor is likely to become slippery by spilling of water or other reasons. These are devices also use friction to make our lives easier and safer.

Handles of many equipments and tools are also often made with the right degree of roughness so that ease and comfort of gripping is combined with the need ore preventing slipping between the handle and the hand grip.

Sometime when we are unable to unscrew the cap of a bottle, we grip the cap with a piece of cloth in between. This increases the friction between the cap and the hand grip, and thus prevent slipping of grip when more force is applied for unscrewing.

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