Discuss any one feature of communism.Discuss any one feature of communism.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Be prepared to obtain many different answers to this question because there are many features to communism.  In my mind, one of the most prevalent features would be the role of the private.  The mere name implies a collective and communal element.  This is one domain where the private realm does not really exist.  Issues like privatization, in both political and economic terms, as well as constructions of consciousness from an individual point of view are absent in communism.  A pure communist system is one where the needs of the public or even the majority outweigh individual interests.  When examining issues like poverty and extreme deprivation of wealth, this can be convincing.  Yet, when examining the implications of such an idea to its logical extreme where individual rights are absent, issues of privacy and private expression are eviscerated in the realm of the public, and that government is a totalizing force where “encroachment” is so apparent that the terms loses meaning would be results of such a political reality where the collective and communal element controls everything.  This would be one feature that I think has to be featured in any discussion of Communism.