Interest in PsychologyDiscuss any ideas and thoughts you have regarding psychology,and which specialty of psychology you find most interesting.

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I am a teacher, so psychology is very useful. Actually, I have always been interested in and studied different types of psychology. Years in graduate school and as a researcher gives you that opportunity. Ultimately, it's about learning what makes people tick, understanding them and finding a way to help them.
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One of my college degrees is in psychology so I obviously like it very much. I would have to say that I enjoy abnormal psychology the most. The human mind is such a complex thing and it absolutely fascinates me.

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I always liked I/O, or Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  It is the study of how best to manage human behavior in a work environment, from human relationships and resources to what color to pain the break room to which incentives employees are most likely to respond to.  Interesting to me anyway :-)

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I agree with the previous posters, but I would have to say the best psychology course I took was one in cognition and neuroscience. Each week we discussed different regions of the brain and their function, and what happens when parts of the brain get damaged. So from a physiological basis we discussed all sorts of cognitive disorders. I think what I enjoyed most about the course was the way experiences were reducible to physical bases in the brain and fnding the correlations between experiences and the function of the brain. On eof the most startling examples was a the discussion of blindsight: the condition that some people who are blind are still able navigate around objects in their way. It turns out that the reason for this is that for some who are blind, the reason is damage to nerves leading to the visual cortex. But there are additional nerve fibers leading to a region in the brainstem which is responsible for motor coordination. So although a person cannot see because of damage to the visual cortex, if their eyes are otherwise functional, these nerves leading to the brainstem allow them to avoid objecs in their way without actually consciously seeing them.

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I agree with post #4.  I have never taken a psychology class that wasn't intriguing, fascinating, and didn't leave me wanting to know more.  I do love child psychology which gives us a look into the way the developing brain works and why kids do the things they do.  Understanding these things will help teachers become better at their jobs, and parents more effective.

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I never took a psychology course I did not enjoy. For whatever reason, I find abnormal psychology to be fascinating, probably because it attempts to explain the kind of human behavior that often seems incomprehensible to any well adjusted person.

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I suppose that to me the most intersting specialty would be child psychology.  I am very interested, as I look at my children growing up, in knowing why they act as they do.  It is helpful to know what kinds of thoughts they have so that I can have a better idea about how to raise them.

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As a teacher, I am particularly interested in educational psychology, the behavior of how to learn and how to teach. I am always interested in reading articles about how students can learn better, and teachers can teach better.