Discuss and give your personal opinion on the origins of the natural and social order and the cosmogonic myths.

The natural order refers to the system of the natural world and the natural moral law that is part of human nature. The social order incorporates the social structures, behaviors, interactions, relations, and institutions of human society. Cosmogonic myths are stories about creation.

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Let's begin by defining our terms. The natural order refers to the organized and systematic structures of both the natural world and the ways in which humans relate to each other through the natural moral law that is inscribed in human nature. People inherently understand that there is an objective right and wrong as well as an objective true and false.

The social order, on the other hand, refers to the social structures and institutions put in place by human beings to better order their world. It also includes social behavior, interactions, and relations among people. The social order gives us government, human laws and customs, and culture.

Cosmogonic myths tell the story of creation. They attempt to explain the origins of creation as a whole and of the various customs and relationships among human beings. It is important to remember that “myth” does not necessarily mean false. It is, rather, an imaginative way of relating critical truths that still impact our reality today.

Your personal opinion about the natural and social order and about cosmogonic myths will depend largely on your heritage, your upbringing, your experiences, and your religious tradition. You might think about your own experiences with the natural order, considering whether or not you believe that the universe was created and ordered by a being outside of it. You might also reflect on whether the social order has deviated too far from the natural order. You may ponder the cosmogonic stories in your religious tradition and figure out what they have to say about both the natural and social order and about the truths they impart.

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