Explain the feelings experienced while watching 500 Nations, Vol. 6: Removal. 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that there is a particular sense of hopelessness experienced when watching the forced movement of Native Americans off their lands at the hands of the White government.  The idea of "giving up homelands forever" is a heartbreaking one.  When we consider the modern practices of governmental abuse and violations of authority, the terms that the White government used in its relations with Native Americans in removing them from their lands is eerily similar.  

There is a sense of betrayal that Native Americans experienced at President Jackson's plans of removal.  This betrayal adds to the sense of hopelessness experienced at watching the events unfolding.  One particularly striking aspect of this is how Native Americans continued to ask why this was happening and never received a satisfactory answer.  Their voices of questioning are akin to the viewer's experiences, also left asking why such a brazen display of power in a nation constitutionally bound could happen.  When examining the promises and possibilities of the Constitution, what is seen in the video could not support the power of such "words written on a parchment."  In this, the feeling of helplessness grows more inside the viewer.

augustincuny | Student

Watching the videos of the removal act on Youtube is painful. the Indians are treated bably on their own territory, they been killed and a way that their voice have not been heard; that was really harsh .

The White American at this time , greedy for land , their unique objective was conquer land ; they forget about the valour  of human being; until now , no one is able to answer the question of what happen to the indians land.