Discuss all the aspects of a successful presentation.

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If this is an exam question for an upcoming test, I'm quite certain that your teacher has specific things that they are expecting to be discussed within the essay about successful presentations, so I would definitely consult your notes. I can discuss various aspects of a successful presentation, but it might not cover "all," as the prompt indicates.

First, a successful presentation and presenter begins manipulating audience opinion before even beginning the presentation. The clothes that the presenter wears are important, as they help manipulate the ethos. An audience is already deciding the credibility of a speaker based on how that person is dressed and how confident they look.

Second, successful presentations start with good attention-getters. Audience attention needs to be gained after the first few sentences out of the speaker's mouth. Asking the audience a question is often an effective strategy. Starting the presentation with an anecdote is another solid strategy. Using a quote from a famous person or starting with a bold statement can also work well to gain audience attention quickly.

Knowledge of the topic and confidence in the delivery are also key features of presenting. Knowing the topic allows the presenter to smoothly move through the presentation, while minimizing verbal filler words. Additionally, knowledge of a topic ensures that the presenter doesn't have to consult their notes as often. This means that the speaker can maintain eye contact with audience members and monitor audience feedback regarding how the presentation is going. Furthermore, not having to check notes means that the speaker can be a visual moving target by using platform movement. Audience members that have to visually track a speaker are able to pay attention for longer periods of time. Other non-verbal communication strategies to incorporate will be volume, tone modulation, and gestures.

Another aspect of successful presentations is the inclusion and effective usage of visual aids. They are meant to enhance what is being said, and they should rarely be used to take the place of something being said.

Lastly, the final clinching statements of a presentation need to make it clear that the presentation is over. Generally, these closing statements also motivate audiences to take some kind of action.

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