Paradise Lost Questions and Answers
by John Milton

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Discuss Adam's role in Paradise Lost, Books 1 and 9.

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Book 1, for the most part, recounts Satan and his entourage after their fall from Heaven. Book 1 essentially begins "in medias res" or in the middle of the story: after Satan's fall. This is to be considered the first Fall and Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden is the second Fall. Book 1 begins by invoking "Mans First Disobedience," the loss of Eden, and Christ's restoration of hope for mankind. But the majority of Book 1 deals with Satan's Fall, thus establishing a link between Satan's Fall and Man's Fall. Whereas Satan's Fall is catastrophic, Adam's Fall will eventually be a felix cupla (fortunate fall) because it leads to Christ's sacrifice and redemption for humanity. 

In Book 9, Adam and Eve...

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