Discuss about the Victorian temper in the period of British literature 1750.terms and conditns

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am a little confused by your question because the dates for the Victorian period are much later (1837-1901 is the reign of Queen Victoria). Do you mean after 1750?

I will assume you mean after 1750, because the Victorian temper refers to such writers as novelists Charles Dickens, Matthew Arnold, the Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy, H.G. Wells and in poetry, the Brownings, Tennyson, etc. A great focus of writing during this time was the plight of the common people as opposed to the idealistic writings of the prior period in British literature (such as Jane Austen's works). There is a much different "temper" to the works of Dickens as opposed to Jane Austen. In Dickens, you have people struggling to survive and in Jane Austen, you have people sitting around drinking tea and eating scones.

The Victorians focused a great deal on social ills such as child labor, debtors' prisons, etc. Many of the writers were influenced by Darwin and struggled with their faith in the light of emerging scientific discoveries.

If this is not what you need for your question, please rephrase it so that someone can answer it more specifically to help you.