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Discuss a personal relationship or multiple that you value, and share why.

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In evaluating the relationships which are most meaningful to you, you might consider people who have transformed the path of your life as well as people who are there in everyday ways. Here are some qualities which might influence the way you value particular relationships:

  • Constancy: There is something to be said for being able to depend on people—both in challenging times and in moments of celebration. Who in your life has provided faithful support, regardless of circumstances?
  • Perspective: Hopefully you have someone in your life who provides helpful perspective. These types of relationships are valuable because they ground you in what is truly important and offer encouragement when you face obstacles.
  • History: Some relationships are valuable because they have endured time and circumstances. There is often great comfort in friendships which reach back through decades of memories and shared experiences.
  • Purpose: Sometimes you meet people who transform the course of your life. Perhaps a person gave you incredible advice, awakened your sense of purpose, or helped you to realize a strength that you didn't previously know existed. As a result, your life began to head in an entirely new direction. A particularly inspiring teacher or a gifted counselor can often serve in this capacity.
  • Family: The bonds of family, whether biological or not, often provide meaningful relationships for people. While some people find deep value in their relationships with their parents, others find value in their relationships with siblings, grandparents, an aunt, or a faithful cousin.

I hope this provides some guidance as you evaluate various relationships in your life. As you complete this assignment, you might also include some personal stories which help to explain the personal significance of the relationships you choose to explore.

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