Discuss A Doll's House as a well-made play involving realism, naturalism, and revealing the techniques of the play.

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Realism and naturalism are combined in A Doll’s House in the subject matter, plot development, setting, and characters. Henrik Ibsen did not apply the subjects and techniques of classical drama (such as the great man hero with a tragic flaw). Instead, his "hero" is an ordinary housewife whose flaws include wanting her husband to be healthy and deceiving everyone in the process of trying to achieve that goal. The original staging was also realistic in creating an approximation of the Helmer living room with its bourgeois trappings—although more recent productions have used modernist, abstract approaches.

While the play centers on the dissolution of the Helmers' marriage, it also incorporates socio-economic issues of Ibsen's time, as career-climbing men used whatever means available to advance. Even Krogstad is relatable in his motives, though perhaps less so in his techniques, and he is rendered sympathetic by Christine's support.

Norah also fits within realism, as she does not consider...

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