Discus the interrelationship of different business functions and how it helps to enhance business success.

The interrelationship between different business functions is crucial to the success of any business. Each business function, or department, needs to understand the impact that their actions or inaction can have on other parts of the business. In order for a business to achieve productivity and profitability, the relationship between the various business functions must be carefully managed.

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Business functions refer to all the various activities carried out by a business as it seeks to meet its goals and provide its goods or services to the public. Business functions are generally performed by specific departments that are each devoted to a particular function. Business functions common to most companies include governance (management), finance (accounting, payroll, budgeting, audits), marketing (pricing, promotions, and sales), production (manufacturing), human resources (hiring and employee relations), customer service (customer relations), research and development (product and service improvement), information technology (computer management), and quality control (product testing and problem solving).

All of these functions must work together if a business is to be successful. The best way to illustrate this claim to think about a couple scenarios in which a breakdown occurs in one function or another that affects the entire company. A slowdown in production might, for...

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