The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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What examples are there of discrimination and injustice in The Kite Runner? I need some quotes on the discrimination and injustice done to Hassan, and any other character in The Kite Runner.

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The Kite Runner is full of examples of discrimination against Hassan and his people. The protagonist, Amir, is best friends with Hassan at the beginning of the story, but Hassan is a "hazari" and because of that, he is lower in status in Afghanistan. For that reason, Amir never allows himself to get close to Hassan and that is why he allows him to be attacked and raped by Assef. After the incident, Hassan and Amir's relationship is damaged irreparably and Amir has a difficult time dealing with the guilt. He sets a trap and "catches" Hassan stealing his watch and thus, Hassan and his family have to move away from Amir's family. Amir feels guilty about all of it, but he never expresses this guilt outwardly. All of this happens because Hassan is a hazari. This fact allows Amir to do these things, because he doesn't matter as much. He feels guilty, but the cultural significance is still there.

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