Describe what happened when Margot saw Anne reading her book in Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl and Anne's feelings after the incident?

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Margot is Anne Frank's older sister and is a clever girl, often praised for her efforts, as described in Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. In her diary, Anne expresses her self openly and writes as if addressing her friend "Kitty." The Frank family have gone into hiding due to persecution by the Germans in Occupied Holland and life is difficult.

Anne feels she is often treated unfairly by her parents, in favor of Margot and although she loves her father dearly and gets along better with her mother now with whom she has always had a contentious relationship and for whom she has a growing contempt , Anne describes Margot as "a stinker (there's no other word for it), a constant source of irritation, morning, noon and night." (Thursday November 5 1942)

To demonstrate the unfair treatment, Anne gives an example of a book that she picks up off the table, in the absence of anything better to do. Margot had earlier been reading the book but had "put it aside for later" so Anne is just looking at the pictures. When Margot returns and makes a fuss that Anne has "her" book, getting "madder by the minute" Anne's mother insists that Anne must give it back. Even her father, having no knowledge what the fuss is about, also tells Anne off.  Anne recalls that "I was neither huffy nor cross, but merely sad." (Saturday November 7 1942) Anne accepts that Margot is "the smartest, the kindest, the prettiest and the best" and does not feel jealous but she does feel that she needs to be more appreciated- especially by her father whom she emulates.  

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