Describe in detail the quarrel scene in which Edgar strikes Heathcliff.

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It's only six months since Catherine got hitched to Edgar, yet their marriage is already starting to go south. Enter Heathcliff to make things even worse. When he unexpectedly shows up at Thrushcross Grange one day, looking surprisingly like a gentleman, Catherine is tickled pink to see him. It's clear that her feelings for him haven't dimmed after six months' absence.

Unbeknownst to Catherine, however, Heathcliff is intent on getting revenge on her for marrying Edgar. He deliberately sets out to make Catherine jealous by embracing Isabella. Catherine is understandably furious and demands that Heathcliff reveal the true extent of his feelings for Isabella. Heathcliff confesses that he only embraced Isabella out of revenge.

In the meantime, Nelly has run off to Edgar to tell him about the showdown in the kitchen. When he enters, he demands that Heathcliff leave his property at once, but Heathcliff refuses. As Edgar is frankly a bit of a wimp, he immediately summons a couple of servants to help him throw Heathcliff off the premises. Before the servants arrive, however, Catherine locks the door and throws the key into the fire, locking herself, Heathcliff, and Edgar inside the kitchen. This forces Edgar to confront Heathcliff man-to-man instead of wimping out and hiding behind his servants. Egged on by Catherine, Edgar punches Heathcliff in the throat, before beating a hasty retreat through the garden. Realizing he'll soon be heavily outnumbered, Heathcliff wisely follows suit.

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You can read this scene right here on eNotes. It takes place in Chapter 11. Heathcliff has returned after Catherine has already married Edgar. One day, Nelly sees Heathcliff kissing Isabella, Edgar's sister. Heathcliff tells Catherine that for spite, he is going to marry Isabella because she married Edgar. He does not love Isabella. Nelly tells Edgar, and he storms into the room and tells Heathcliff to get off of his property. Heathcliff refuses to go. Edgar calls for his servants, and Catherine then throws the key to the room (the kitchen) into the fire, locking the three of them in the kitchen. She taunts Edgar, who although he is afraid of Heathcliff (who is bigger and stronger than he is), and Edgar winds up hitting Heathcliff in the throat. This horrifies him and he goes out the back door to find some servants to help him out because there is no way he can fight Heathcliff. Heathcliff decides he probably cannot fight against a few servants PLUS Edgar so he leaves.

You can see exactly what happens at the link below.

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