Describe the biological changes in the adolescence stage.psychology

kc4u | Student

Adolescence refers to a transitional stage: transition from boyhood/girlhood to manhood/womanhood. This stage brings in a number of changes--physiological & psychological.

Changes in teenage girls:

a. girls attain their puberty: menstrual periods begin.

b. they grow pubic hairs, and hairs at other places.

c. growth of the mammary glands is marked.

d. they become more conscious of their own sexuality as well as of the opposite sex.

e. they show more and more curiosity about their body and mind; may tend to be a bit restless, fanciful, even somewhat over-bold and daring.

Changes in teenage boys:

a. with increasing maturity of the male organ, these adolescents may have wet dreams; they may also develope the habit of masturbation.

b. growth of hairs in the pubic and other regions.

c. signs of beard & moustache could be seen.

d. faster growth of muscles, faster growth in height.

e. increased curiosity towards younger members of the opposite sex.

f. they show a tendency to fancy and fantacise; may turn a bit restless/obstinate/distracting/daring.