What are the disandvantages of producing heat when it is not needed?

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As it is known, keeping the electric current through batteries or wires produces energy. Part of this energy is consumed by gadgets to work properly, while the rest of the energy is transformed into heat, which increases the temperature of gadgets, altering their properties.

Among the multiple uses of natural gas, heating is one of them. Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed of hydrocarbons (e.g. ethane) and methane. It can be used for residential use, for heating water, and to provide help in cooking activities. But, despite the many good qualities natural gas has, it also produces many disadvantages. One of them is that it can damage the environment, since burning natural gas releases greenhouse gases that produce global warming. Another disadvantage is that the natural gas does not represent a long term solution, since it is non-renewable.

Solar energy is another form of energy used for producing heat. It has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. One disadvantage is the higher electricity costs, since solar cells are very expensive. Another disadvantage is the fact that hot water can only be produced in sunny regions, while in cooler environments, the heat must be supplied by conventional boilers.

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