What were the disadvantages of industrialization?

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There were some disadvantages to industrialization in our country. Industrialization brought many problems to our society. As a result of industrial growth, cities grew very quickly. So many people moved to the cities that city government was not able to handle the influx of people. People lived in overcrowded conditions. There was a lot of crime and poverty. Pollution, some of which was related to the factories, increased.

Workers were in a much worse situation as a result of industrialization. Instead of working in small, friendly environments, workers now were working in large factories. People didn’t know each other, and the work environment was much more impersonal. Working conditions were unsafe, hours were long, and pay was low. There was very little a worker could do about these conditions.

There were few government regulations affecting businesses. Therefore, they were free to do as they pleased. This often didn’t benefit the consumer or the working class people. Additionally, business owners were often untouched by court decisions. The judges and business owners often were associates or friends. There were few laws regulating business activities. Thus, the courts tended to side with business owners when disputes arose. There were several problems related to the growth of our industries.

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