Disadvantages of computer on youths

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There are a number of disadvantages of computers on the youths:

  • Lack of social interactions: Most of the computers are connected to internet these days. The amount of time youths spend on it, leaves very less time for actual interactions with people. In reality a large fraction of youth spend more time on social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) than actually interacting with people.
  • Health issues: sitting in a chair and working on computers for long hours is not good for our body, esp. the back and eyes. That is why people, engaged in such jobs, need regular exercises.
  • Lack of writing and quantitative skills: One of the major problems I face, as a teacher, is the lack of interest of today's youth in writing anything or calculating anything with calculators. Youth have found computers to be a very easy medium of finishing assignments and its more common for them to type on a computer than write using a pen. Similarly, very few of them can use a calculator effectively, since they carry out most of their calculations on computer.
  • Job loss: In a number of developing or underdeveloped countries, application of computers also mean that less manual jobs are available (say at the banks or post office) and hence computers are causing unemployment.

Hope this helps.