Dimensions of rectangleif i know the vertices of rectangle , could i determine it's dimensions ?

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When given the vertices's of rectangle, we can find the dimensions by using the distance between points formula.

The distaqnce formula if given by :

D = sqrt(x1-x2)^2 + (y1-y)^2

The formula you need is the following:

If ABCD is rectangle given the vertices's, we know that:

AB = sqrt( xB-xA)^2 + (yB-yA)^2

BC = sqrt(xC-xC)^2 + (yC-yB)^2


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Of course, you can!

Knowing the coordinates of the vertices, you just can calculate the lengths of the sides of the rectangle.

Since the opposite sides are parallel and congruent, you'll have to calculate only 2 lengths, instead of 4.

For instance, the length of the side AB could be calculated in this way:

AB = sqrt[(xB - xA)^2 + (yB - yA)^2]

xA,xB,yB,yA are the coordinates of the vertices A and B.