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a dill pickle i would like to know all the possible plots , subplots and themes in dis story.

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One theme may be that social class is real. The plot involves a man and a women who used to be lovers who meet again. Then man expresses a feeling that social class does not mean anything, and they could have been together even though he was poor and she rich. At the end, she asks the waiter not to charge the man because he is money conscious since she does not have much, proving that the man's dreams of a classless society are just that.

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She does not ask for the bill at the end of the story, he does.  Also, she had to sell her piano; she may have been rich once, but she isn't now.  He, on the other hand, appears to her to have changed for the better.  She even opines that he "must have made money, too".

It is true that class is part of the issue, but there is more focus in the story on how little the characters' perceptions match...influenced by class, no doubt, but also by personality. 

The male character has nearly all the dialogue, dominating the conversation, interrupting Vera (whose namemeans"truth"), and belittling Vera's perception of the world. He doesn't even notice (or have any emotional response) when she leaves at the end of the story.

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