difine computer?, explain the types of operation.,shotform of computer  

orchid101 | Student
Computer is an electronic data processing machine which accepts data in its raw form along with the instructions, processes it electronically and gives back useful information. An operating system is a complex series of programs, which controls the overall operations of a computer. It makes the power of the computer convient and available to users. It allows users to communicate with a computer. It permits users to create files, use and control input/output devices and execute programs. Types of operating systems are MS-DOS, UNIX, XENIX and FINDER and WINDOWS.
bijal1986 | Student

Computer is an electronic device whic works continuously at fastest speed and performs millions of calculation in seconds and never gets tired. 

the types of operating system are windows NT, 
Windows Xp, Windows 2000, window3s 7, windows 8, windows 95 manufactured by microsoft. solaris by sun microsystem . minix by - Andrew Tanenbaum 

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