Differentiate between organic and inorganic compounds.

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To most people, the answer to this is that organic compounds are made by living things and they have carbon in them.  This is partly correct but not completely correct.

Organic compounds contain carbon with covalent bonds.  Organic compounds were originally believed to be produced only by living organisms. In the year 1828, a German scientist by the name of Friedrich Woehler first synthesized a compound that is classified as organic. Using the inorganic chemical ammonium cyanate as his reactant he was able to produce urea.

Since that time many organic compounds have been synthesized by various scientists.

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1. Organic compounds are produced by living things. Inorganic compounds are produced by non - living natural process or by human intervention in laboratory.

2.Inorganic compounds can form salts but organic can't .

3. Organic compounds contains carbon .Inorganic compounds don't.

4.Organic compounds contain carbon-hydrogen bonds. Inorganic compounds don't .

5. Inorganic compounds contain metal atoms. organic compounds don't .


6. An organic compound is whatever an organic chemist says it is , an inorganic compound is whatever an inorganic chemist says it is.