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What is the difference between locomotion in plants and in animals?

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Locomotion deals with the movement of an organism.  Locomotion in humans and bipeds is accomplished through walking on legs.  In other animals, it can be accomplished through walking on four limbs, flying, or swimming.  In cells, cilia and flagella are used to move about.  However, since plants are not capable of moving themselves, there is no locomotion of plant species.

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grgsiocl | Student

Locomotion is the movement occuring in whole of body of animals taking it from one place to another whereas the movement can also be realted to plant body which can be in living plant parts or in dead parts (called hygrioscopic movements). Living plant parts move in plants due to turgor pressure changes as Touch me not (Mimosa) or insectivore plants or even telegraph plant.Plants cannot locomote only animals do or in fact man made machines do.Locomotion is ability to move from one place to another.

lerie | Student

Animals can move, or have locomotion, using to muscles, organs, etc. propelling them. They move in result of their brain telling them to do so. Plants move their leaves as a result of sunlight. This is called phototropism. For example, if a plant's leaves are not facing toward sunlight at a window, they will move toward it.