Differentiate between job analysis and job design in human resource management.

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Job analysis is the activity of studying the nature of an existing job and analysing it to provide insights into associated issues like how difficult or easy the job is, what is the standard quantity of work output for the job, and what kind of skills and capabilities required for performing the job. The job analysis may be used for many different purposes such as recruitment, training need analysis, and job evaluation. A job analysis must include a job description of the job analysed. However, other parts of the document recording the result of job analysis may vary depending upon the nature of analysis carried out and the purpose for which it is to be used.

Job design on the other hand is concerned with deciding the nature of duties and responsibilities that constitute an independent job in the organization. It constitutes an important part of the detailed organization design.

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Job analysis is a process by means of which a description is developed of present method and procedures of doing a job.It is to revealwhat is actually done and what should be done.It includes

>Job title

>Alternate titles

>Work performed

>Equipment used

>Material and tools used

>Reports and records made

>Relation of the job to other jobs

>Education required

>experience required

>Physical,menal and visual effort required

>Responsibilities etc

To take information about a particular job questionnaire,interview checklist,self recording may be used.

Job analysis has two parts



The first one is related to the job whereas the second one describes the qualities a person should possess to meet the demand given in job description.

Job analysis is very useful for employee selection, promotions,appraisals andjob design.

JOB DESIGN is the process by which a job may be made interesting ,giving more freedom and autonomy to employeesand less tedious.

On the basis of job analysis many redesigning techniques are adopted to make a job meaningful and intersting and also flexible.It is actually related to organisational performance.Its main techniques are job enlargement,job enrichment,job rotation,autonomous work teams,work simplification.

In this way we can say that job analysis provides basic information about  a job; this information is utilised in job designing .

Job designing is done to enhance organisational performance with a satisfied workforce, because a motivated workforce gives the expected results.

Many scientific methods and human relation approach is used to

 design a job