Differentiate between heat and temperature.Only definition is not entertained.

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Heat is a measure of the energy of motion of a substances molecules or particles.  Objects that have a higher heat emanation have particles that are vibrating more because they are in an excited state.  The more the particles vibrate, the more heat is given off as a result.  The general tendency is for heat to travel from a higher concentration to that of a lower concentration until the two are in equilibrium.  When you place a pot on a stove eye and turn it on, the stove eye heats up immediately due to the electricity or gas.  The heat is transferred by direct contact, or conduction, to the pot, which in turn transfers the heat to the food inside the pot.  Temperature is a measure of the level of heat.  It can be measured in degrees Fahrenheit, degrees Celsius, or degrees Kelvin.  Temperature is an indicator as well as to how much particle vibration is taking place.  There is more vibration on a day that is 95 degrees Fahrenheit than there is on one where the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

topperoo | Student

Heat is the kinetic energy due to random motion of the molecules of the substance whereas temperature is degree of hotness or coldness of a body.The SI unit of heat is joule whereas temperature is deg celcius.

nancy167 | Student

Difference between Heat and Temperature:

1. Heat is a total amount of thermal energy contained by the system. It may be potential energy or kinetic energy. Temperature is a number but it is not a energy.

2. Temperature is an intensive property, while heat is an extensive property.

3. Heat is energy introduced into a system, Temperature is proportional to the amount of kinetic energy of the system or object.

4. The SI units for heat are Joules, The unit of temperatures is degrees F, degrees C, or K stand for .  

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