Differentiate between consumer products and industrial products.

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There are two major differences between consumer products and industrial products.  One difference has to do with who uses the products and the other has to do with what they are used for.

When we look at the names of these categories of products, we should know who uses each of them.  Clearly, consumer products are used by consumers.  These people use the products in their own homes.  Industrial products are used by industries.  These are not products that are used by individuals in their own homes.  Instead, they are used by businesses.

Perhaps more important is the different ways in which these products are used.  Consumer products are final products.  These are products that are sold to a buyer who will not sell them again.  In addition, the buyers will not be using the products to make other products.  When a consumer buys a computer, for instance, he or she is not typically going to use it to create products to sell to other people.  By contrast, industrial products are typically not final products.  Instead, they are used to create other products that are then sold.  When a company buys a robot that uses lasers to cut steel, it is not planning to use that for its own enjoyment.  Instead, it might be using the robot to cut out pieces to make into cars that will be sold to other people.

Thus, consumer products are used by consumers for their own enjoyment while industrial products are used by companies, generally to make other products that can be sold.

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