different muscle typeswhy each muscle type is different?

giorgiana1976 | Student

Within our body we could find three different types of muscles . Each muscle type is different because it has to do a different type of action. These three muscle types are Skeletal Muscles, Smooth Muscles, and Cardiac Muscles

Skeletal muscles or striated muscles are usually attached to bones. They have a striped appearance.

Skeletal muscles are used in movements, such as smiling or waving the hands.

Your body contains many muscles which , . The smooth muscles are not under the control of our brain but rather operate on their own, without instructions. Smooth muscles can be found in: stomach, our blood vessels, our eyes. The food is moving through our digestive system with the help of smooth muscles.

Cardiac muscle is a special type of tissue that is only found within your heart. Like skeletal muscle cells, cardiac muscles cells are striated or striped. The cardiac muscle cells are not under the control of our brain, but they operate independently.

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