What are differences and similarities between Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and the movie She's The Man?

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Differences between Twelfth Night and She's the Man include the setting, the reason for Viola's deception, and the impersonation of Viola's twin, Sebastian. Similarities include Viola's relationship with Duke Orsino and which couples end up together at the conclusion.

Twelfth Night is set in Illyria, which was located in the Balkans—though Shakespeare didn't set it in real Illyria but rather his own interpretation of it. Most of the action takes place in a kingdom there. She's the Man is set in the United States and most of the action happens at Illyria, a boarding school. 

The time of the setting is also quite different. While Shakespeare doesn't specify when Twelfth Night takes place, it isn't in modern times. She's the Man is a modern story with cars, soccer, and a Junior League carnival.

The reason for Viola pretending to be male is also very different. In the play, she believes her brother is dead and takes on the role of a man as a way of protecting herself. In the movie, she...

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