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Are there differences between the way computers and humans think quantitative or qualitative.

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The answer to this question can either be extremely simple, or quite complicated, depending on where we wish to go with it. However, let us explore what entails to think "quantitatively" and "qualitatively" to establish the parameters within which we want to analyze the thinking processes of man versus machine.

When we use the term "qualitative" thinking, the most raw and pure definition that we can give to the concept of "quality" (straight from the dictionary, that is) is that it is a peculiarity of uniqueness that establishes character. To analyze or extrapolate qualities, many variables must be taken into consideration: how is quality manifested; what are the traits of quality; within which parameters is quality going to be analyzed; does the concept of quality change from one scenario to another?

Qualitative research involves empirical methods that include ethnographic research, phenomenology, grounded theory, foundational research,...

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