What are the differences and similarities in the consequences Connie and Edie face from their initiation?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Connie's and Edie's situations are very different!   Connie is in a life threatening situation; whereas, Edie is not, first of all.  Connie is face-to-face with a serial killer who is going to most likely kill her, as well.  He is an intruder in her home and who knows her family is not there.  Edie, on the other hand, has a big crush on a traveling pilot named Chris.  Her crush is puppy love and it is her first real lesson about men and trust.  Because the family Edie works for thought she slept with Chris, she faces an embarrassing confrontation with Chris' fiance and her employer.  She has done nothing wrong, but believes she has because she has misinterpreted what her employer says she has done. 

Their situations share little in common, really.  They both, however, fall victim to a con-man of sorts.  Arnold Friend is obviously evil and is the worse of the two (Chris being the other con-man).  Chris is a charmer who probably romances young women he meets in every town. He is a drifter who cannot find himself and what makes him truly happy in his life.

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