What is the difference between roots and shoots?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On the simplest level, the roots are anything below the ground and the shoots are anything above the ground.

On a more technical level, the root system includes the roots (of course), tubers, and rhizomes. The shoot system includes leaves, buds, flowers, stems and fruits, if applicable.

The root system is very important, because through the root system a plant or tree gets water and necessary nutrients for growth to take place. Without a good root system a plant or tree will not grow to its potential or even die. Moreover, the roots of a plant or tree provide the necessary anchorage.

The shoot system is also essential for the proper growth of any plant, because it is through this system that photosynthesis takes place. Through photosynthesis, sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen and sugars, which are needed for growth.


chilibear | Student

to answer that in a more technical way, the shoot has 'repeating modules' or something like a pattern of nodes, leaves, buds on it, as well as things like  axillary buds, that goes something like "node + internode + axillary bud + leaf"

axillary buds are buds that grow on the node, which my teacher calls 'that part that looks like an armpit'

senioreeto | Student
ROOT:it is the part of plant which grows deep in the soil.it shows geotropic movement.it is mainly responsible for the absorption and storage of water and minerals in plants from the soil and then transport them to all parts of plants through xylem SHOOT: it is the part of plant which grows above the soil.it shows phototropic movement.it is mainly responsible for the storage of food in plants and also to give rigidity and support to the plants.it also prepares the food within the leaves present on it.