What were differences between Receiver's house and others in the community? What 3 memories did he receive that he has never experienced?In Chapter 11.

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One difference is that the Giver's house is furnished more luxuriously than the other homes of the community. The other homes have furniture that is strictly utilitarian, with no decorative elements. In the Giver's home,

The fabrics on the upholstered chairs and sofa were slightly thicker and more luxurious, the table legs ....were slender and curved, with a small carved decoration at the foot (74).  

The most important difference is that the Giver's home has walls covered with books.  In the other homes of the community, there were reference books and the book of the rules of the community, in other words, only books that had some practical use, nothing like novels or poetry. 

What purpose did these differences serve for the Giver? Did the community simply want him to be more comfortable and be able to pass his time reading, or was there some more important reason for this difference? 

The three memories Jonas receives in Chapter 11 are sledding in the snow, sunshine, and sunburn.  Notice that the Giver begins with two pleasant memories and then a more painful one.  Why did he choose to present these memories in this order? 

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Receiver's house is unlike all of the others in The Giver. (Jonas actually becomes referred to as The Receiver, while the older man tells Jonas to address him as The Giver.) It is the only house in the community that is stocked with a large number of books, and it is the only home that has an on/off switch to the community speaker. It is "spacious" and "comfortably furnished," with much more beautiful furniture and a draped bed.

In Chapter 11, Jonas for the first time experiences coldness, a rounded slope of a hill, and later, heat and sunshine.

mkcapen1 | Student

The Giver in the community has books all over the place.  He is allowed to read whenever he wants.  He is also allowed to turn off the speakers.  In the other homes the speakers can not be turned off.  The furniture on the chairs and sofas is slightly thicker and more luxurious than in the other houses.  Unlike the table legs in the other homes, the Givers were curved and had a carved foot.  The bed was draped with a splendid cloth with embroidery.

Jonas home is very different.  He has the same table, couch, chairs, table, and desk that other community houses have at the time.

The Giver decides to give Jonas some more memories in chapter 11.  The Giver gave him the memory of a sleigh ride.  Jonas felt the feeling of riding down a hill.   The Giver next gives him the memory of something warm that spreads over Jonas' shoulders.  It is the gift of sunshine.  The last memory has pain in it, he gives him the feeling of sunburn.