What is the difference between evaluation and accountability?

Expert Answers
psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you look at the concept of evaluation you are looking at the concept of rating someone's performance based on a predetermined set of guidelines. An example of this academically would be through a rubric to grade a paper. An example of this within the professional world would be a staff's yearly performance review in which their boss will look at the company's definition of successful performance or the criteria set for that staff member from the previous year. Evaluations are in place to help the employer and the employee determine what professional development needs to take place to improve the staff's performance.  Academically evaluation takes place to allow the student to see what they need to learn to have a full understanding and working knowledge of the material.

When you look at the concept of accountability you are looking at being able to substantiate the ethics of the professional choices that have made. With accountability you are looking at whether choices that have been made have met the professional and ethical standards of that field. Accountability is designed to protect the public from the professional's actions as well as protect the professional from lawsuits that can result if they were to act in an unprofessional manner. Academically an example of accountability would be Academic Dishonesty Policies, which may outline what practices may not be utilized by students (such as plagiarism). This allows the school to ensure that all students coming out of that university have followed ethical guidelines throughout their education.