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Difference between Archaic homo sapiens and Neanderthals?  I need to write a reasearch essay on, "can archaic homo sapiens speak?" and I am unsure of the two? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you have any recommendations on scholary texts for references it would be great! Thank you :) 

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Archaic Homo Sapiens are the elderly species of homo sapiens which was traced to have lived 0.5 million years ago. Archaic Homo sapiens are further classified in different types, the neanderthals (Europe archaic homo sapiens) and the Solo man (Asia), Homo heidelbergensis and many more. 

If you are asking the differences between Archaic homo sapiens and the neanderthals, as what is mentioned above, they are the same. Perhaps you might have wanted to compare Neanderthals to other forms of Archaic homo sapiens. Would this idea helps?

Some researches are being disputed and I understand how the taxonomy or naming have become quite confusing. But this should not confuse you, Neanderthals are Archaic homo sapiens.

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