What is the difference between an organizational chart and organizational manual? 

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The difference between an organizational chart and an organizational manual lie in the purposes of each.  An organizational chart shows the hierarchic reporting system within an organization, whereas an organizational manual describes officers and duties pertaining to how organization is set up. 

The most common type of organizational chart is a hierarchical organizational chart.  In this reporting structure, individuals report to a manager, who reports to a director, who reports to a vice president, who reports to the CEO.  This is also referred to as line reporting. It shows a descending vertical order of authority.

Another type of organizational chart is a matrix organizational chart. In a matrix system, one individual may report to several different people within the organization. Also, several people may be at the same administrative level, even though they have different titles. A matrix chart shows a horizontal and vertical order of authority. 

The organizational manual defines how officers perform in their roles and the duties of their respective positions and how managers perform theirs in their respective departments.  The organizational manual, thus, describes the order of the organization as a whole and indicates its operational functioning while the organizational chart defines avenues of authority and provides a visual graphic of the chain of communication. 

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