King Lear Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Did you read the play king lear?!! Did you read the play king lear? so, What distinguishes the play King Lear,,, "from the rest of Shakespeare's plays?" What are the characteristics of the play King Lear? OR,,                  What are features King Lear??? ...ect

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Alec Cranford eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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King Lear is one of Shakespeare's bleakest tragedies. It revolves around questions of justice, loyalty, honesty, and betrayal. Good deeds are not rewarded, and we have to watch as the self-absorbed Lear descends into madness as his actions and those of several wicked people around him destroy the lives of Cordelia. It is not an optimistic view of human nature.

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Bruce Bergman eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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This play directly questions morality, wisdom and human connection in ways that Shakespeare's other plays usually do not manage to do. To me, this play along with Julius Caesar and Macbeth represents the best of Shakespeare's work, offering an exploration into human complexity without losing focus. Crucially, this play also contextualizes the wordplay in such a way as to question the nature of wisdom and wit. There is an open question, I think, as to who is more clever, the fool or the king. This context lends some much needed significance to all the puns that Shakespeare is so fond of. 

Too often in Shakespeare, for me, the wordplay goes unquestioned and the puns get annoying. Not here though, because in Lear the wit and wordplay are presented with enough irony to be interesting and not just a series of bad jokes.  My opinion isn't representative, probably, but I put Lear above almost all other Shakespeare, because of its focus, its seriousness, and (honestly) its brevity. 

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