The Man to Send Rain Clouds

by Leslie Marmon Silko

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Did you like the story "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"? Which of the characters did you like or identify with?

Expert Answers

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You will want to express your own opinion, but you may have enjoyed the stark simplicity of the story, as well as the description at the end that helped us visualize the scene at the grave. You also may have liked the exploration of culture clash through the burial of the dead Native American.

The story is about an old Native American man, Teofilo, who dies peacefully under cottonwoods trees of New Mexico. The man who finds him—Leon—hopes he will send them rain. In contrast to the desires and beliefs of the Native people, the Catholic priest has different traditions, and he wanted to offer last rites to the dead man. But the priest shows an ability to relate to the Native culture, even if he doesn't fully understand it, and he generously sprinkles a bottle of holy water on the dead man as this is what Leon wants. The point-of-view character, Leon, is glad of this and hopes it means rain.

You may identify with Leon and his desire to follow his own customs and faith practices, or also identify with the good-hearted priest who did what the Native people wanted, and was able to overlook doctrinal irregularities.

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