Did you find your high school to be a dangerous environment? Why or why not?Did you find your high school to be a dangerous environment? Why or why not?

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I attended three different high schools and did not feel that any of them had a dangerous environment.  The main reason for this is that there was not any great degree of bullying or anything like that.  Of course, there were fights at all of the high schools I attended.  If you said the wrong sort of thing to the wrong sort of person, you could get in a fight.  But that is pretty normal and not the sort of thing that I would classify as dangerous.  My high schools did not have gang presences and while there were drugs around, it was not as if anyone was forcing them on us or having fights over them.

Overall, my high schools were pretty mellow places.  People could be mean and there could be fights, but they were not dangerous places.

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My high school is not dangerous at all. But there is this one guy that used to be in my class he got in trouble for standing up, then he talked back to her and my teacher told him to go outside, so he went outside and slammed the door so hard and because there are chairs outside he got one and threw it at the window. As usual in every high school there are fights.