Did you find that the return of Odysseus satisfying or disappointing?

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I find Odysseus' return incredibly satisfying.  The suitors have harrassed Penelope to such a degree that Odysseus' violent revenge seems necessary.  Penelope's loyalty deserves to be rewarded with her husband's return and Telemachus needs his father to help guide him into manhood.

I can't imagine anyone finding his return disappointing, but to each his own.

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The answer depends on your own opinion. This is why literature is a personal relationship between the reader and the literary work. Consider how you felt when Odysseus finally returned home. Is there some aspect you would change if you were the author? Do you feel satisfied about how Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus handle things? Did you want this kind of ending, or did you want a different kind of ending? If you answer these questions, you'll have your response.

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