Did you enjoy reading Skellig by David Almond? Explain.I know I did, but did you?

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I did enjoy Skellig, as a matter of fact, especially because Skellig seemed at times so angel-like to me; for a youthful audience, it was great to see something that demonstrates that the beauty of a person is not based upon how he (or she) looks, but what is on the inside. Skellig leaves at the end, but shares his magic before he goes. And magic, as the story shows, comes from the most unlikely sources.

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I love mystery stories, any mystery!  I particularly like Gothic books, because I am a fan of the original Gothic Victorian literature.  Gothics have gotten so supernatural monstery these days!  I'm not interested much in vampires and wearwolves on thier own, but I like suspenseful stories.

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I must admit, in today's world of instant paperback "contemporary classics" that are no such thing and are just as instantly forgotten, reading a book that is written in a good level of English that students find stretching is a pleasure. It is a well-crafted story and one that I enjoyed immensely.

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I agree with both of you. Kplhardison mentions the elevated, or well-crafted, language of the text. Any novel which mixes supernatural elements and a heightened language is always wonderful--at least from what I have read so far.

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Skellig is an interesting story told by a person with mastery of English so that no matter how simply the story might be told, as for a youthful audience, the magic of language well-crafted around a story of true imagination glitters through and is enhanced by an energetic and engaging voice in Michael. Yes, I ejoyed this one.