Do you believe the adultery laws should be repealed?

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In my opinion, laws prohibiting adultery should absolutely be repealed.  These laws are anachronistic and are not something in which the government should be involved in this day and age.

In my opinion, in today’s world, matters of personal conduct are not things that should be legislated by the government.  We do not need the government to be trying to tell us what is and is not moral.  Therefore, the government should not try to ban adultery.

In my opinion, in addition, laws against adultery are completely incompatible with modern Supreme Court rulings.  For example, the Supreme Court has ruled that bans on homosexual behavior are unconstitutional.  If the right to privacy extends to homosexual behavior and to the use of contraceptives, than it surely extends to adulterous behavior between two consenting adults.  If the government allows easy divorce, it cannot ban adultery either.

In my opinion, adultery is the breaking of a covenant between two people, not between a person and the government.  It is not any of the government’s business.  Such laws should be repealed.