Did World War I lead to the Industrial Revolution?

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The world experienced two Industrial Revolutions.  The first one occurred in the mid-1700s and lasted until the mid-1800s.  The Second Industrial Revolution occurred from around 1870 until the start of World War I.  By the time World War I started, the second Industrial Revolution was already coming to a close.  World War I did not lead to the Industrial Revolution, though the Industrial Revolution had a large impacted on the Great War.  

In previous wars, muskets, bayonets, and cannons were the main weapons used.  In World War I, new weaponry was introduced.  These more advanced weapons were produced in mass quantities in factories, which were a result of the Industrial Revolution.  Machine guns, artillery shells, and hand grenades were all produced in factories for use in World War I.  These changed the way war was fought.  New vehicles were also used for war.  Tanks, submarines, and military aircraft were all produced in factories.  The ability to attack from the air was a revolutionary one.

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