Did World War I have a greater impact on American society than World War II?

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World War II had a much greater impact on American society than World War I did. 

One major impact of WWII was the movement of women into the labor force.  This happened much more in WWII than in WWI because the war went on longer and drew more men into the Armed Forces.   Another major impact of WWII was technological.  This war involved much more technology than WWI did, bringing American society things like air travel.  Finally, WWII had a much greater effect on the American psyche.  It consumed the US for four years, changing every aspect of life for a much longer time than WWI did.  Its impact on Americans’ attitudes lasted well beyond the end of the war.

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World war II had the bigger impact than world war I

We(the americans) droped a huge bomb on hiorshima,japan and it caused japan to give up on having hawaii.