Did we evolve from apes? What is humans evolutionary road and how did we branch off and create our own species? 

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A Darwinian would say that we did not evolve from apes but share a common ancestor with apes. That Darwinian scientist would tell you that we did not "create" our own species but evolved through natural selection. Our immediate ancestors had traits which developed through mutations and had survival value in their environment. The process of evolution is extremely complicated and takes place over millions of years. The best explanation of evolution I have ever read is in the marvelous book by Richard Dawkins titled The Selfish Gene. There are also many documentaries on Darwin and on evolution available on DVDs. Dawkins discusses humans' probable evolutionary road in The Selfish Gene. Naturally he thinks that our future evolution will largely take place in our brains.

tobimontana | Student

i very much doubt that we did,to me darwins theory about natural and evolving...is fake and not true.i believe God created everyone.apes just managed to be the closest form of animals to human beings.

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