How was Lenin able to bring Communism to Russia?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Lenin was able to bring Communism to Russia through a carefully orchestrated attempt to ensure that Russia and Communism would be synonymous with one another.  As early as 1900, Lenin was focused on ensuring that Communism would be seen as the answer to the Russian problem with its autocratic leadership of the Czar.  Lenin never wavered in this commitment, forming the Bolshevik party in exile and ensuring that his voicing of Communism was never far from the Russian consciousness.  His distribution and development of the Marxist political newspaper Iskra ("The Spark") was instrumental in disseminating the ideas of Marxism and Communism to a Russian body politic that had been growing increasingly dissatisfied with the Czar.  Coinciding with the increase in the Russian Workers' Union, Lenin found a ready- made audience towards his Marxist teachings of Communism.  It is through this that Lenin had made the argument that the entry into World War I was done to protect the interests of the rich, an argument that resonated with the Russian people as the condition of the war tore into Russian confidence in the Czar.  Once he recognized the Provisional Government's toppling of the Czar, he made arrangements to return to Russia and topple the Provisional Government in the claim that the government had no plan.  In doing so, he was able to present his own vision of Communism to the people of Russia.  While the Provisional Government struggled with articulation of a clear cut vision, Lenin, who had been practicing out his vision for some time, was able to immediately enter and bring Communism to Russia in 1917.

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