I'm worried about a report from my OBGYN after an ultrasound. I'm confused and would like advice.

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If you need additional information, you should consult your GP. The internet is NOT a good source for health advice and it would, in fact, be illegal for anyone here to "practice medicine without a license" by giving you health advice. Only a qualified medical practitioner with full access to your health records is qualified to give you any form of diagnosis or advice.

If you do not, after consulting with your family doctor or GP, feel comfortable with the advice given by a specialist, you should ask your GP whether a second opinion is warranted. Asking questions on the internet, where you have no idea of whether people have legitimate credentials, and answerers have no access to your medical records makes you vulnerable to being exploited by quacks and amateurs.

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The first answer to your question could not possibly be improved upon. You should seek professional advice and not make yourself open to a lot of advice and opinions by people who do not even know you and may be totally incompetent. This doesn't mean that a lot of readers do not feel sorry for your troubles and wish you all the best.

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You must have your diagnosis clarified by a medical professional and not someone on enotes or webmd. You can always ask questions of your doctor and can have your report sent to another doctor for a second opinion.

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