Did the Romans adopt anything from other cultures besides clothing styles and ways of dressing?

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Ancient Rome was heavily influenced by ancient Greece in its architecture, literature, education, and language.

Greek architecture was famous for its harmony, proportion, and use of columns. These ideals had an enormous influence on Rome. For instance, the Pantheon, the best-preserved Roman building, demonstrates the importance of Greek thought. The word Pantheon is Greek for "honor to the Gods." Apollodorus of Damascus, a renowned Greek architect, helped design it.

Greek literature also had a profound impact on Rome. The Greeks founded poetry, history, and other genres of literature. The Iliad and the Odyssey impressed Romans greatly. Lucius Livius Andronicus, the father of Latin literature, was a Greek-speaker and slave who translated the Odyssey into Latin. Virgil, the author of the Aeneid and the dominant figure of Latin literature, was shaped by Greek culture.

Enslaved Greeks taught Romans. Rome accepted the Greek ideal of education and added more emphasis on public speaking. Roman senators...

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