Share your impressions on whether Teofilo has a "good" funeral in "The Man to Send Rainclouds"?

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In "The Man to Send Rainclouds," Teofilo, the local shepherd who peacefully died while tending his sheep, had a good funeral in terms of the religion of Pueblo tradition, which suggests the conflict of the story. Teofilo's friends are secretive about his funeral preparations because they wish to forestall any interference from Father Paul who would wish to give Teofilo a white culture Catholic burial.

Teofilo had his face painted and was wrapped up in a red blanket according to Pueblo tradition. He has a good Pueblo funeral, but that's not all. Louise, Leon's wife, convinces the others that it would add to Teofilo's comfort and to the success of his future after-death role as a sender of rainclouds to have Father Paul sprinkle Catholic holy water on Teofilo at the burial: if Teofilo's thirst is quenched, he will do a better job with the rainclouds.

Things occur at the funeral when a confused Catholic Father Paul sprinkles holy water on Teofilo and on the grave site. The Pueblo people interpret these occurrences as signs of a successful offering to Teofilo's soul after death. Father Paul is only confused and worried, but nonetheless has added significantly to Teofilo's funeral, which makes it a doubly good funeral.